Games have been visualized and used in practice in some industries.

As to military training, war games provide safe practice. “[A]ir crew training came to depend on the use of simulators that allowed pilots to practice flying without putting their lives, or more importantly, their expensive aircraft in danger. Flight simulators made a quick transition to the digital and many early computers shipped with games that gave the experience of flying” (Stockwell, S & Muir, A 2003)

They can experience flying or other practices without putting their life in danger, however, in my opinion, this could let them treat their or other’s life easily on the real battle filed as they can start the game again and again. They could think being in real war as playing the game, and if it comes true, they may be too aggressive and they will put them in danger even if it is unnecessary.

Of course, it is much safer and may cheaper than practical training, so it suitable for beginner but they had better refrain over use of the game.



Stockwell, S & Muir, A 2003, FCJ-004 The Military-Entertainment Complex: A New Facet of Information Warfare, The Fibreculture Journal, vol. 1 viewed 31 August 2012, http://one.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-004-the-military-entertainment-complex-a-new-facet-of-information-warfare


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